The Orchid Ecotel In India Posted By: Anjela Rock

Mumbai, locally known as Bombay, is the capital of Maharashtra. This is an archipelago of seven islands, close to places to visit like Ajanta and Ellora Caves, beautiful beaches of Goa. This is considered a gateway to various attractions of India. They have two popular business centers, namely Churchgate and Nariman.

Hotel Orchid Ecotel is located in Mumbai. The Orchid Ecotel Hotel is the first of five stars in Asia. This is also the only Ecotel is certified and entitled as ISO 14001, near the international airport and adjacent to National Airport. It is also near industrial and commercial centers.

The hotel features smoketip electronic cigarette review an atrium courted by a cascade within twenty meters. Around the waterfall, you can see the boulevard and a cafeteria clock. The hotel gives you the feeling of nature and growing beautiful orchids blooming everywhere around.

On the boulevard, which have the “menu of 12 minutes” or the lighting menu “is exactly within 12 minutes, if served later, the food you asked not to be billed.

The hotel has a lovely roof top rack that is sure to enjoy. His menus are the menus you here especially on the grill and modern fusion dishes.